Charm City Surfer
Innocent Lee
The Woman In Skin 13
Semi Loads From Mexico
(She Came From) Planet Stripper
Hag In A Black Leather Jacket
Stairway To Hampden
Swiv Winter
Dundalk, France
Journey To The Center Of The Drawer
  All selections were recorded at Invisible Sound Studios, Baltimore, Maryland. Engineered by Dave Nachodsky. Mixed by Dave Nadchodsky and The Swiv-O-Matics. Mastered by Dave Nachodsky. Produced by The Swiv-O-Matics.
Guitar: DB "Dive" Walker. Bass Guitar: DH "Speed" Walker. Drums: Helmet "Man" Walker. Marty Canelli played keyboards on tracks 8, 10, 11 and 14.
Cover artwork: Paige Shuttleworth.

My goodness, have the Swiv-O-Matics ever grown! This is a very well developed set of new music from a band that refuses to recognize the boundaries of genre labels. Exceptional and unique material here, not from main street, but from the outskirts of town, where the suburbs meet the woods at the edge of the continent. Great stuff!

--Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

With "Charm City Surfer," The Swiv-O-Matics have, once again, out-done themselves! I'm really excited about this album because these new songs have everything that I love about instrumental surf music, including great melodies, a variety of sounds and playing styles, and the sense of adventure that makes this music so much fun. Every song is a unique surf adventure with flowing melodies, catchy rhythms and plenty of cool riffs. I have "Charm City Surfer" in steady rotation on my Tsunami Soul show. Even more telling, I have it in steady rotation at home! Thanks again to The Swiv-O-Matics for making this great album!

--Tom Hinders, Tsunami Soul, WOBC 91.5 FM

Kudos, greetings, and salutations shgould be ordered and reserved for this Baltimore-based trio. To call them a "power trio" might be accurate, but it would not even begin to paint the picture that has inspired the antics of DB Walker (guitar), DH Walker (bass) and Helmet Walker (drums). 14 tracks adorn this album that might as well be considered a Holy Grail to Dick Dale. The combo's latest effort is a sterling recording dubbed Charm City Surfer ... From the beginning to the end, this CD is wet, wild, and wonderful. Surf's up...

--Mark Bounds, Music Monthly

The first couple of Swiv-o-matics releases were hit 'n miss affairs, with lots of good stuff, but a few duff tracks that kept me from thoroughly enjoying their albums. This time 'round they nail the sound I dig perfectly, instrumental rock 'n roll that borrows from the past 'n present, influenced by traditional surf from the 60's, along with 50's exotica and 90's garage rock. There are some truly amazing cuts here and the cover art is very well done (unlike their last CD, which showed the three members in a strip club staring at a woman's crotch). Their songwriting is innovative and playing is great throughout - it's obvious that these guys are loaded with talent. It was really the songwriting which let 'em down in the past - with this release everything has come together perfectly to create one of the best releases of 2003. **** 1/2
[No, only two of us are. -ED]

--The Continental

The Swiv-O-Matics are way hot, very cool, quintessentially clever and super fantastically professional surf garage party band immaculately perfect. Did I say that right? What I mean is, these dudes are so easy to listen to that you feel like you're oozing off the couch with your buds, splashing waves of fantastico music over your bod, just like in the heydays of the old surf, garage and party bands. That is, of course, providing your old surf band heydays included the best of the best because The Swiv-O-Matics are not only a great friendly-listening experience, they're also great players. And they're from Baltimore! BaltoRockoSurfers! How spiky is that? Uber.

--Emma Jade Gunn, SurfRockMusic.com

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